VBA allows you to write a variable up to 255 characters in length. While writing small programs small variable name will suffice, however if you are building a full fledge application then it is better to use Long variable names instead of short one. Now the question arises if we write long name then how to remember them?  & secondly how to ensure we write correct variable names each time? The answer is simple and is demonstrated from the example below.

You have defined the below variables,

Dim lLastrowInCustomerData  as Long

Dim lLastRowInCustomerPurchase as Long

Dim lLastRowInProductPrices as Long

Dim lLastRowInSuppliersData as Long

Dim lLastRowInTopData as Long

In the above case the variable name is starting from l, l stands for Long Data type. Lastrow refers to last available row number in the sheet. We want to continuously refer to last rows in various sheets like Customer  Data, Customer Purchase etc. Now if we try to condense the variable length it will add to confusion in future. Therefore in such case you may write long names.

Now in order to find names easily after typing llastrow just press Ctrl + Space

This will popup all the variable names starting with lLastrow, now just select them and press spacebar to continue.