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Building Construction Estimation Program

Feedback from Mr. Abhijeet Nitin Shah for Building Construction Estimation Program.

I feel immensely happy to provide a feedback, as when I recall the problems faced with my earlier program "QUATTRA PRO" with present situation, it is like a JAAADU (Magic) my whole problem has vanished. The way my problem was addressed is worth appreciating. I was desperately in search for a compatible programme for my situation from a long time. And after the program was created I told God,     

    "Hey Bhagwan aapne muje Mohammed sir se pehele kyo nai milaya."

Frankly speaking, every human being by nature praises only the person who satisfies them but Raza sir made me more than satisfied. Not only he met my problem but also he gave me a program which is much more efficient then my earlier one. The way he listened to my problems could be compared to a mother listening to a child’s naughty shouting calmly. I had never heard "NO" from him. He always said "YES ABHIJEET I WILL TRY MY BEST, AND WILL TRY TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE."

   It is now easy to comprehend the quality of education Mohammed sir would be providing in his class of 11 Pc’s and 1 Projector. Mr. Mohammed Raza is surely a Jewel.

               Hope, I have not bugged you with all praises for AKCKS TECHONOLGIES. You may feel like  AKCKS TECHONOLGIES has given me  a commission for giving a nice feedback but fact is I only told the experience I got when I approached  Mr. Mohammed Raza and  got my problem solved. The experience with the product by Mr. Mohammed Raza gave me a feeling like being on top of world in the field of VALUATION. The product is having the endless features that my heart was wishing. More then me my office assistant works on the Product and his words were

              " Mr. Mohammed Raza is A MASTER IN THE WORLD OF MICROSOFT EXCEL. "


 CELL:- 9422927174

Feedback for PDF to Excel Data Conversion Software.

posted Jun 23, 2011, 12:55 AM by AFCKS Technologies   [ updated Jun 23, 2011, 1:07 AM ]

There's one task that I used to do everyday as a part of my job in the organisation I work for. It used to take my close to 60 mins every day to complete the task. Also after spending 60 mins also there was also a chance of missing on some important information.

It was then when Raza developed a program to automate the work. It is an excellent program, wherein my work is done on just a click of a button. Now it takes me hardly 30 sec to complete the same task that too with unmatched precision. There is no scope of any data being left out as the macro program is created in such a manner that takes into consideration all possible situations. Raza had taken care to ensure that the program runs to the "T".

I feel like Raza can automate most of the work that we do everyday. I am looking forward to getting more automation softwares created by Raza. :) :) 

6/23/2011 11:45:48

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