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This question was asked in Capita

1. Create a connection with a password protected access database which has a table employees and import all the table in excel sheet.

2. In same way add all the first name to a combo box. If we select a first name in combo box then last name for it should come in range A1.

Questions posted by Pradeep Dive at 03/11/2013 23:58:58

Category: Advanced Excel

I was asked at Pubmatic in 2011 -

Why we use Zero in Vlookup in last syntax?

Which other options we can use there?

Questions posted by Sunil Ashok Charate at 03/12/2013 10:59:11

Category: VBA/ Macros

What is the difference between disable and enable macros ?

Questions posted by RAVINDRA PATIL at 3/14/2013 23:59:56

Category: Advanced Excel

How will you calculate variance based on some criteria.

The situation is: You have two columns. One column has entries like Bat, Ball, Wicket, Cricket, Ball, Cricket, Ball, Ball, Ball, Bat and the other column has some value like 2643, 2454 and so on in front of them. Now by using, a formula calculate variance of "Ball"

Questions posted by Pragyanshu Labh at 3/19/2013 15:20:31

Category: Advanced Excel

1) Subtract two different dates through an excel built-in function.

2) Use Sumif based on date criteria. i.e. sumif for dates less than "04/05/2012" out of a list consisting of number of different dates.

Questions posted by Pragyanshu Labh at 01/04/2013 16:39:58