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Subanto Dhar
suba*****@yahoo.co.in |  92*****29312 Months Ago

Excellent study style with in depth understanding of all the VBA programming aspect for any one to begin with.

Gaurav More
gaur*****@gmail.com, gauravmore@eaton.com |  95*****57712 Months Ago


Rahul Malla
rahu*****@gmail.com |  91*****66312 Months Ago

Afcks Technologies is an excellent coach class for excel and VB in Pune.

Mohammad Shabbir Taibany
shab*****@gmail.com |  93*****89612 Months Ago

A really appreciate the unique way of teaching with unique and interesting example and explaining the difficult task in a very friendly mode is make this institute different from crowd.
Thanks for giving me a actual understanding and uses of VBA.

Manoj Bisht
mrbi*****@rediffmail.com |  98*****03012 Months Ago

Excellent place to learn & earn the knowledge in EXCEL.

Chetan Doshi
chet*****@rediffmail.com |  94*****75412 Months Ago

Its very gr8 learning with AFCKS Tech, very practical and useful.

ocha*****@yahoo.com |  98*****51212 Months Ago

Too good, very useful at times.

Shekhar Pujari
shek*****@yahoo.co.in |  99*****16612 Months Ago

An excellent training and development center.

mah_*****@yahoo.com |  95*****54812 Months Ago


Mahesh Kc
mahe*****@yahoo.co.in |  95*****33612 Months Ago

This is the very good place where you can gain basic as well as advanced knowledge in excel.