Partner With Us

We provide an excellent opportunity for those who wish to start a tutoring career. Currently we are looking for individuals who have an excellent knowledge,in-depth understanding, and preferably practical experience in Microsoft Technologies like : Access,  .NET , C++ and VC++.

What you must have ?

Dedication , perseverance , art of teaching and making it enjoyable , and of course subject matter expertise.

What you will do ?

You will coach students to become experts in the respective areas. Remember , the goal is not just to teach but to make them experts like yourself.

What will you get ?

We offer compensation based on number of students you manage. Your compensation will be based on profit sharing model with us based on our negotiated rates. We will offer you all the infrastructure for free.

Why should you be interested ?

Why shouldn't you?  Whether you want to teach full-time or part-time , totally depends on you. You decide when you want to teach based on the free slots. We provide best infrastructure for teaching that includes projector,white boards, computers and network connectivity. You will have autonomy to design your own course. And our revenue sharing model will ensure you earn as much as you deserve. In essence, you will be a partner rather than an employee.

Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with us. ( serious inquiries only )